Bath and Body Works: Best Place to Get Your Moisturizers


Have a dry or oily skin? Bath and Body work is your best friend. Bath and body works have a wide range of moisturizers like body creams and hydration lotions. They have their retail stores and online store as well which you can access from any part of the world. Apart from moisturizers Bath and body works stocks hand sanitizers, home fragrances, and scents for men and women, bathing accessories and more. What makes bath and body works different from the products you find in stores and supermarkets? Their items are produced using a mix of natural and artificial ingredients, it’s not one of those items that is implanted with number of chemical substances that have incidental effects over a long period of time.

I was never a user of any moisturizing creams as I was always afraid of the adverse effects of those creams until I came upon the bath and body works. They have their online chat supported which guided me through every product they had in the moisturizer category, they asked me if I had any existing medical conditions to make sure that they can guide me to the perfect product. I shared me concerns regarding the price of their products and told them I am skeptical regarding the price they are charging, the chat support told me they have two discount coupons active; Bath & Body Works $15 Off $40 and Bath & Body Works 20 Off.

Product Review

I ordered the Teakwood Ultra Shea Body Cream, infused with rich Shea Butter with soothing Aloe Butter, Cocoa Butter. The cream was not at all greasy and absorbed into my skin immediately after applying it, the aroma from the cream was long lasting as if I applied a cologne and didn’t need to reapply it at all. The creamy texture applies to the skin so smoothly and the feel of his skin is extremely soft after applying it. The fragrance of the body cream is more like a blend of mahogany, black teawood and lavender.

Before applying the cream all over my body I took 3 drops of the lotion, gently applied it over my hands and then on to my body . I didn’t rub or massage it over my body, I just gently moved my hands all over my body. I gave it a minute before my skin could absorb it and I could instantly feel my skin was moisturized as I have a dry and oily skin. I feel this is one of the bets products in the market and it is unmatched.

The delivery time mentioned by Bed and bath works was on precise as the product was delivered to me in 3 working days as promised. The packaging was perfect, apart from the box it came in the packaging, it comes with a plastic bottle with a flip-flop cap that securely locks in to prevent any leakages. On top of it, the bottle itself comes sealed and secured in a way it looks like you are opening an exotic perfume box.

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I have used the cream for more than 3 weeks now and over the time period I have felt my skin feeling much more fresh and alive, even when I don’t have the cream applied over my body I can still smell its fragrances on me.

I would highly recommend everyone to use this cream and other Bed and Bath works products as well. Do remember to use their discount coupons, if you bill is exactly $40 use the Bath & Body Works $15 Off $40 coupon code as it will reduce your bill by $40. Don’t worry if your bill is like more than $40 say around like $60 or more use the Bath & Body Works 20 Off discount coupon to avail a 20% discount on your entire bill. I’ll be ordering more from their website and will make sure that I write one more review regarding their products.