4 Features Everyone Loves About Vimeo – Vimeo.com/activate

Vimeo is one platform that is progressively growing over the past few years since its users are now convenient and find it more ser-interactive than any other video sharing platform. It has many common functions that you may find at any other competitive place, but some of the unique features are there that help users sign up at vimeo.com/activate.

 Some of the features are enlisted in this article that makes Vimeo, one of the best video hosting platforms on internet today. If you want to create, share, host or store any video on internet, Vimeo should be your top priority. In this blog you are going to find 4 reasons why getting Vimeo can help you make a wise decision and, in this blog, I tell you why…

  1. Hosting Videos Online

This platform gives you a great support if you want to host videos for creating content. Vimeo is a place for your own media to host and then distribute it to other places. Therefore, this is the place to post your high-quality content and generate your audience. This is actually not an online event but you are live with the video you want to talk about and that gives users a whole new experience.

  • Embedding Customization

When I embed a video on Vimeo, I am able to change the logo size, color, position, etc. with Vimeo, I can really control, how I embed the content even put a password in front of the video. That is why vimeo.com/activate creates the best user experience.

  • Simulated Live Events

This functionality is good for webinars, or if you want one video to be watched by a number of people at the same time, then is one thing you should opt for. So, you can embed that into your site with chat options. This is some kind of a live experience. However, the video isn’t actually live. Vimeo does a great job by providing video player that allows stimulated live broadcasted events. In other words, it is not actually live but it is broadcasting live format. This is one of the reasons customers opt for Vimeo because of its unique functionality.

  • Live Streaming

Another feature that Vimeo recently introduced is its live streaming option. This option is great. I personally love it. They have acquired livestream.com so this is the significant play for Vimeo moving forward. Their integrated video content is now merged with live streaming functionality. I love that Vimeo can now be your all-in-one platform.

So, when are you planning to sign up for Vimeo? You can just activate your Vimeo content by downloading the vimeo app on your play store. Many Vimeo users have recently signed up to Vimeo.com/activate and the numbers are increasing day by day as people are now getting to completely understand Vimeo. This platform is not just about video sharing but offers a great deal of video related services to its users. You can get great packages on monthly or yearly basis that can open more functions to you on your use-interface. Try out Vimeo today!